About Us

Ferring International PharmaScience Center (IPC) is the principal development organisation of Ferring Pharmaceuticals worldwide.

The main focus of Ferring’s research and development efforts are peptide-based drugs and biotechnology derived medicines, such as recombinant proteins and other biologics. Our team, of scientists, drives the Ferring’s R&D strategy in collaboration with colleagues in Ferring's:

We develop new medicine within our existing therapeutic areas: urology, reproductive health, gastroenterology and endocrinology. Research is the foundation of our company, so we give our employees access to the best facilities within their field. This is our way of stimulating their scientific curiosity. It is also our way of securing our future as a company through a flow of innovative products.

Ferring has led innovation in the field of naturally-occurring human peptides for the past 60 years. Today, Ferring has an exciting product portfolio that includes several major projects for innovative treatment within our existing therapeutic areas.

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