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At Ferring IPC, there are 32 different nationalities and more than one third of employees are from Sweden. The office's strategic location, close to the Øresund bridge, makes Ferring IPC an attractive place for Swedish residents to work.

Denmark – a knowledge society

Denmark is a small country of islands, located in Northern Europe. Denmark, which also consists of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, is a part of Scandinavia. The country has approximately 5.3 million inhabitants.

Danish business life has a leading position in relation to several different products and industries, and Denmark has one of the best research and development environments in the world. International companies take advantage of this by placing their research and development activities in Denmark or by outsourcing research assignments to Danish companies.

Characteristic features of Denmark are primarily the welfare system, which ensures equal rights and access to public services for all, and the democratic government. Denmark is also characterised by gender equality, freedom of speech, an active business life and high-quality research and development environments.

Helpful links if you are considering working in Denmark
Public service from the Danish Ministery of Science, Technology and Development.
The official website for foreigners working and living in Denmark. It contains legal, practical and useful information for expatriates.
Øresunddirekt is a Swedish-Danish information service for residents wishing to work or live in Denmark or Sweden.












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