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A values-based workplace

The Ferring Philosophy provides the foundation for everything we do. It encompasses our commitment to respect, honesty and trust; compliance with the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity; and our firm belief that people come first. Our philosophy puts people at the centre as our partners. The Philosophy also puts quality in the centre – quality of our products, our people and our behaviour.

A healthy workplace

Employee health and happiness is a high priority in Ferring so various forms of support are available. The physical and mental environment is monitored annually and adjusted/improved according to employee’s needs. Workstations are complete with fully adjustable, ergonomic chairs and desks.

  • Nutrition - fantastic restaurant offering delicious, nutritious, organic food.
  • Fitness
  • Health policies

A social workplace

Employees describe the company culture as ‘family oriented’. The building is filled with good, friendly colleagues who are passionate about what they do. Everyone takes their work seriously but also recognise that not everything revolves around work. Whether it is socialising with other colleagues or inviting families to join in, there are regular activities for everyone to get involved in.

  • Social clubs
  • Family Days and Children’s Christmas
  • Events and celebrations


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