Research & Development

The aim of Ferring's research and development is to create new medicines that can improve the treatment of disease and reduce human suffering.

Ferring's Research & Development(R&D) activities are focused on the following key therapy areas: reproductive health, urology, gastroenterology and endocrinology. Ferring also pays particular attention to developing drug delivery systems that are effective and convenient for the patient.

Ferring aims to produce new, innovative drugs and to improve existing therapies by:

  • Focusing on novel peptide/hormone and protease genes;
  • Further developing peptide and peptidomimetic science and technology;
  • Adapting existing peptide based medications to meet specific medical needs;
  • Developing effective and patient friendly drug delivery systems.

As well as conducting R&D through several Ferring development centres, Ferring also undertakes research collaboration with scientific research institutes, universities and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the world. This cooperation takes place whenever it can help to achieve the end goal of the R&D work and will be beneficial for both parties.

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